Acer Aspire Laptop LCD Inverter Repair, Service & Replacement

We charge $129.00 Flat rate fee for all service which includes the installation of a new Acer laptop LCD inverter. Repairs are covered with 90 day Parts and Labor Warranty.

Acer LCD Inverter Replacement Service includes:

  • Replacing bad Acer LCD Inverter with the New Original Part.
  • CCFL Bulb and LCD Check Up.
  • Final System Test and Diagnostics.
  • External Laptop Cleaning.


Does your Acer LCD Inverter need to be repaired or replaced?

Do you have a problem with the backlight on your Acer laptop? If yes, you are not alone, that’s one of the most common laptop problems. In most cases the screen inverter is the culprit. Here are some Acer LCD screen backlight failure symptoms that could be related to a bad inverter board:

  • Acer laptop boots as usual but after some time the screen blacks out. You still can see an image on the screen but it’s very dim. You might even use a flashlight to see it better. Sometimes the backlight comes back for a while but then goes off again. In some cases you can turn the backlight on if you tap rapidly on the lid close switch.
  • The screen always stay black and the backlight never comes on but you still can make out an image on the Acer LCD. It’s dark, but the image is still there.
  • In some cases you might hear a buzzing noise coming from the area where the inverter board is located, it’s on the bottom part of the display assembly.

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