Step 2 - Package and Ship your Laptop

fedex-laptop-boxOnce the laptop repair service is purchased, the following steps are suggested:

You will need to prep the laptop to be sent to us securely, packaged correctly to prevent physical damage. For Alieware models all you will only need to send in is the actual laptop with no accessories.  For all other laptop models non Alienware please send in your battery, power supply, power cord etc. We do suggest sending in a copy of your operating system with CD key. Just in case we need to reinstall your O.S.

The packaging used to ship your laptop is critical. In order to protect your hardware, you must make sure that there is a space of 2 inches surrounding your laptop on all sides. To create this space, you may use bubble wrap or packing peanuts. You should then wrap your hardware in a protective material such as bubble wrap, and make sure that all empty space in the box is filled with a material like packing peanuts. You can buy FedEx Laptop box at any fedex drop off location and/or FedEx Kinkos. When shipping your laptop, purchase enough insurance to cover the full value of the package contents. Improper packaging will void the insurance.

Please send laptop to:

Ztronics Repair Center
2050 South Grand Ave
Santa Ana, California 92705

Any questions or concerns please contact support directly at : 714-979-9877 (9am-5pm Eastern Time)