How to Dissemble a Laptop Keyboard?

While doing a Toshiba laptop repair or Acer laptop repair or the repair of any type of laptops it may be needed to disassemble the laptop keyboard. There are many reasons for disassembling a keyboard. These would be for cleaning purpose in case of liquid spillage or dirt or hair accumulation, or improper functioning of keys because of weakening of rubber pieces that give snap action and so on.

Firstly for disassembling a keyboard for laptop repair, the sticky tape that locks keyboard cable to the back of keyboard is to be removed. Some part of cable may be sticking to keyboard. The cable should be separated. There would be aluminum protective film. Peel it off and remove it. Next look for the plastic separators secured to back of keyboard. Plastic pins are melted to retain separators on the back of keyboard. Push the pins through holes on keyboard and remove plastic separator.

Next, all key caps have to be removed. First make a Xerox copy or draw a plan of keyboard to understand the order of keys in which they are arranged on keyboard.

Remove key caps carefully with help of fingers. The hinge under the key cap would remain connected to keyboard. Keys like Back Space or Space Bar can have support bracket in addition to the hinge. For these keys remove key cap with support bracket. If there are any blank covers on the left and right sides from the up arrow key, lift it up and remove it.

Next remove key hinges from keyboard. Every key hinge consists of external and internal pieces. Care should be given to keep both pieces connected to each other in same way as they are connected on keyboard while removing the hinge.

Keyboard consists of two sheets lying one on top of other. Next remove the first sheet with silicon nipples and remove second with traces. There are two layers of sheet with traces and the traces are running between these two layers. The two layers have to be separated for laptop repairing of traces.

There are many laptop repair service centers that help you disassemble the keyboard and clean it up and then reassemble it. You may get the service from a Sony motherboard repair or HP laptop hard drive repair centers.

After disassembling the keyboard for laptop repair, it has to be cleaned thoroughly with cotton swabs dampened with water and then with alcohol and then naphtha and foam rubber. Keys may have grease stuck on them. Clean it with cotton swabs and naphtha and then with a household cleaner and let it dry. Lubricate keyboard and keys with a perfect lubricant. Rubber components are to be cleaned with a perfect household cleaner and made dry.

If you find it difficult to disassemble a keyboard, take it to a laptop repair or notebook repair center.


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