How to Diagnose and Troubleshoot Hard Disk Failure in Your Laptop

One of the main reasons for laptop repair is problem in the hard drive. Laptop hard drives repair cases count more than desktop hard drive repairs as they get bounced often while operating. Computer hard drive repair may be one that involves a single screw replacement, or it may be the one that requires you to crack the laptop.

The first step for laptop repair or notebook repair is troubleshooting the problem accurately. At first, determine whether you are dealing with a hard drive failure or something else. If there is a proper power supply the problem you are having is either software related or an accumulation of errors on the drive.

If Sony hard drive repair is needed, back up all the data that can be read and replace the drive. If the laptop boots up with the AC power adapter plugged in, the problem is with the battery and there is no need of laptop hard drive repair.

Unplug all the external devices like printers, cameras, PC cards. If your laptop boots after removing the external connections the problem is with the external device or signal and you may avoid your Toshiba hard drive repair.

Next step is to check if the BIOS doesn’t register the hard drive. This happens when the hard drive has failed, the connector has failed or come undone, or you have a board level problem. During the boot process if the BIOS reports “OS not found” and you have just installed a brand new hard drive it means that you still have to install the operating system. If you have a rescue disk generated by your virus protection software run it after which you can try booting the OS CD/DVD and trying a repair installation.

While carrying out an hp laptop repair, if it boots up in Safe Mode, it may be having trouble with recently installed software or device drive. If the boot failure is because of the newly installed program, disconnect the peripheral before attempting to reboot. Create a rescue CD; this will restore your operating system to a bootable condition.

If you are able to boot the operating system disc that the notebook was sold with, you can do a laptop repair installation. If the repair installation works the problem was file corruption or accidental deletion of necessary files and if it fails, you can exit to the command and copy off any important data.


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