How to Test the Sound Card of Your Laptop or Notebook?

One of the cases when one requires laptop repair would be the sound failure problem. There can be hardware problems or software problems behind this. The reason for hardware problem can occur due to the fault in physical installation of the sound card and its cables.

Software problems show how Windows drivers communicate with sound card and those programs that would be using the software. These software drivers can be downloaded from the Web sites of computer manufacturer or sound card manufacturer or with the help of any laptop repair service centers.

There are laptop repair centers that provide Sony laptop repairs, Toshiba laptop repairs or Acer laptop repair services that would help rectify the problems of sound card.

Most of the sound problems of laptops and notebooks can be resolved by installing updated sound drivers. Sound card failures are found to be rare in laptops repair and notebooks repair.

When the sound card is properly installed, a test is to be performed to check whether it functions properly or not. This can be done by making use of the test file provided by the manufacturer.

You can further test the sound card of your laptop or notebook with the Device Manager. For this, click ‘Start’ and select ‘Control Panel’. Click on ‘Device Manager’ and from the list of devices locate ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’. Right click on ‘device’ and select ‘Properties’. This would provide instructions about sound card, its driver and whether it is working properly or not.

Sometimes Windows won’t detect the sound card. In that case go to the ‘Hardware’ tab of ‘System Properties’ sheet and click ‘Add New Hardware’ button. This makes Windows to search for new hardware devices. Sometimes it won’t recognize the sound card. So a driver should be provided to Windows. The driver can be obtained from laptop repair centers.

A common reason behind laptop sound failure is the speaker volume turned down or muted. New laptops have an exterior sound adjustment and the sound card is digitally integrated with the motherboard. So by adjusting the volume with the toggle on the side of the laptop, sound can be adjusted in the software as well.

Sometimes the sound works for some applications and not for others. From this it is clear that the problem is in the software and not the hardware of the laptop or notebook.


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