HP Laptop Hard Disc Repair | HP Pavilion Notebook Hard Drive Replacement

Replace or upgrade your old HP hard drive affordably. We charge only $129 for the installation of a new Hard Drive on HP laptops. Repairs are covered with 90 day Parts and Labor Warranty.

We hold hundreds of HP laptop hard drives in stock and request that you call ahead to select the size and speed of hard drive you are looking for. All hard drives are sold at very competitve prices which we will quote in advance. Hard drive prices are always dropping, so please contact us or view our sister site, OEMcost.com for current pricing on a hard drive for your HP.

If purchased separately from other repairs, hard drive replacements include our Data Backup package (regular price $39.99). If you would like us to copy files to your new hard drive, please be sure to specify which files you would like to keep. Please note that install programs cannot be transfered, just files. For more details please see our hard drive Data Backup service page.

HP Hard Drive Replacement Service includes:

  • Replacing bad HDD with the New Upgraded Part.
  • Transferring Data from the old hard drive if Needed.
  • OS Installation and Configuration if Needed.
  • Final System Test and Diagnostics.
  • External HP Laptop Cleaning.

Choosing the right hard drive for your HP Laptop:

Studies show that today's hard drives all perform about the same when running regular business applications, people who work with large images and digital video greatly benefit from speedy drives. In our tests with Adobe Photoshop, for example, a system fitted with the fastest drive completed a complex task (applying filters and rotating an image multiple times) almost 30 percent quicker than did the same system with the slowest drive installed.

The key features to look for when choosing a hard drive are Capacity, Rotational Speed, Interface, and Buffer. Please as our technicians for a recommendation over the phone, or browse the following paragraphs for a basic guide:

Capacity: Today's PC hard drives have at least 20GB of space--about four times the amount you'll need for an operating system, applications, and several years' worth of e-mail messages and documents. The remaining 15GB can hold about 12,000 good-quality, 3-megapixel digital photos or 3750 4-minute MP3 songs encoded at 128 kbps. Capacity really matters for graphic designers and people who edit (or simply archive) video. For example, the contents of a 1-hour MiniDV camcorder tape consume 13GB.

If you want high capacity, remember that PCs usually have room for two hard drives. You may save money by purchasing, say, two 80GB drives instead of a single 160GB unit that sells for a premium.

Rotational speed: Current ATA hard drives spin their disks at either 5400 or 7200 revolutions per minute. Usually, but not always, the 7200-rpm drives retrieve data faster. For example, in our tests, the 80GB, 5400-rpm Maxtor DiamondMax D540X copied a 1.2GB file 33 percent faster than the 80GB, 7200-rpm Seagate Barracuda ATA IV. Sometimes other factors, such as the algorithms drives use to retrieve data, can affect performance.

Interface: Nearly all desktop PC drives use the parallel ATA interface, supporting maximum transfer rates of either 100 or 133 megabytes per second. But hard drives can't sustain transfer rates fast enough to utilize the extra bandwidth (though they can push out short bursts of data at 100 MBps or greater). And most motherboards don't support ATA/133, so you'll need an add-in card to use it. Fortunately, ATA/133 drives also work with ATA/100 and earlier interfaces.

Buffer: When a system requests data, a hard drive doesn't simply fetch what is requested; it also loads its buffer memory with additional information that the processor is likely to ask for next. We've found that drives with an 8MB buffer tend to perform better on our disk-intensive Photoshop and file-search tests.

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