HP Laptop Motherboard Repair | HP Pavilion Motherboard Replacement

Our $129 FLAT fee includes diagnostic testing and most labor on HP motherboard repair. 3 Month Parts and Labor Warranty on HP laptop motherboard repairs.

Component Level HP Motherboard Repair Includes:

  • Complete HP Motherboard Circuit Check Up.
  • Level 1 Internal Laptop Parts Safe Clean Up.
  • Final System Test and Diagnostics.
  • External HP Laptop Cleaning.

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HP Laptop Motherboard F.A.Qs

When I turn off my computer and switch it back on again it has lost the time and date settings and has also lost its BIOS so what could it be?

The motherboard on your HP laptop has a small battery giving it the ability to hold this small amount of information when the computer has been shut down although if this battery has gone dead it will not be able to retain this information. With older computers it tends to be a bit more difficult as the battery is usually soldered on to the board it's self, whereas with newer models they tend to have batteries similar to that in a watch. When changing your battery (if possible with out a HP laptop repair technician i.e. you have a newer computer) it is very important for you to identify the exact battery you will require before installing it onto your motherboard. It is fairly simple to replace the battery once you have identified the correct one you will need to remove the casing the battery will be clearly visible on the motherboard before touching the inside of the computer it is a wise idea to touch metal that is grounded just to prevent any static shocks (static electricity can damage sensitive parts inside your computer). Then it will be a case of unclipping the battery from its holding and replacing it with the new one.

How can I stop my HP laptop from turning itself on and off and it also sometimes restarts all by itself?

If these are the symptoms your HP laptop is showing then there is a big chance it is your motherboard causing the problems try the connections on the motherboard and all of the standoff holes are filled. If these are all fine then the problems could be due to over heating you must ensure all fan out let have adequate room for ventilation. Also causing over heating could be the wiring inside blocking the fan from working correctly, all you need to do to check this is remove the outer casing and look for the fans inside ensuring no big wires are fitted incorrectly blocking the ventilation inside your computer. If there is a group of cables preventing the air flow then you can simply tie them together and fasten them out of the way of the fan and ventilation escapes.

There are many places you can now go for more information on diagnosing problems with your motherboard yourself. Though because of the mass of problems that can actually occur with your motherboard and other parts of your HP laptop it is always advised to seek the advice of a professional if you aren't entirely sure what the problem is. There are also many courses available to people to learn how to diagnose these faults themselves saving the money of the HP laptop technician's labour time.

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