How to Replace Or Repair A Damaged Power Jack In A Laptop

Laptop works on a rechargeable battery. On the bottom side of a laptop there is a rectangular battery that powers the laptop. An AC cable supplies power to the laptop. The power comes from a power outlet to a jack inside the laptop. If the battery runs out, the laptop won’t work. Laptop repairs need to be carried out in such conditions.

A damage or break in it might be the cause of a power jack failure. With a power jack failure you cannot charge the battery and operate your computer. A power jack repair by a professional might cause you large amount. You can open your laptop and carry out a power jack repair or replace the broken power jack. Such laptop repair can be carried out by the laptop owner easily.

To begin a power jack repair or replacement first turn off your laptop and then remove AC cable. With the help of a set of screw drivers you can open the underside of your laptop. Keep the screw sorted so that you can place them from where it has been removed. To carry out the power jack repair hard drive from the laptop needs to be removed using fingers. From the bottom of the laptop, remove the battery. Release the battery pack that is located on the bottom of the laptop next to the battery port.

Pulling the two silver screen pegs out of the holes will allow you to place the screen to a side. After keeping apart the body of the laptop, the metal strip above the keyboard can be unscrewed. Remove keyboard in such a way that it remains attached to the motherboard. Make sure that you don’t remove the rectangular strip that resembles a piece of film. Power jack repair can be carried out by locating a hole near the adapter at the back of the system. A little metal piece can also be located around.

Near the hole for the DC adapter lays a circular piece of plastic. This is the position where the jack fits into the motherboard. At a small opening in the motherboard power jack fits into the base of the plastic piece. Use tweezers to hold the power jack gently. The pieces that slide into the DC adapter can be glued, if the two pieces have become loose. If that is not possible replace it with a new jack. Place the pieces back into the motherboard. Pieces should be placed so that they conduct electricity freely. Power jack repair just needs these simple steps. Reassemble and then restart your computer.


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