Step 3 - Quick Diagnostics & Repair Approval

dudeAfter your laptop has been recieved and diagnosed, a technician will contact you. Your personal approval will be requested before any repairs are conducted. Our technicians will also let you know the status of your machine, the expected turn-around time of the repair, and the cost of replacement or upgrade parts (if requested).

After you ship your laptop, please hold on to the tracking number to insure that it arrives with us, our technicians will take 1-2 business days to diagnose your laptop before contacting you.

Customers have 4 days to pay for thier laptop once service is completed, unless a technician is informed otherwise.  After 4 days if payment is not given or scheduled with a technician, Ztronics will remove any parts placed by the tech, and the laptop will go under abandonement.

Because we cannot have items sitting in our warehouse we give the customer 30 days from after the service to pick up their laptop, We will notify customers through email, and by telephone, if we do not hear from a customer within the specified time frame, the laptop is considered abandoned.  The laptop becomes possession of ztronics to scrap out or to do as they see fit.